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t.kilgore splake

trout fishing nirvana


secure gated community

aluminum siding tri-levels

scotts "turf builder"

revenge of the lawn

slopping toward

man-made front yard pond

rainbow planting

graying ceo

cordovan wingtips

brooks brothers threads

pricey rolex

gleaming in sunlight

hooking red worm

discount store zebco line

large red bobber

"trout fishing in america shorty"

brother brautigan

hiding water fountain mists

shorty’s drunken laughter

richard quietly sobbing




blast furnace sun

rapidly rising

painful blood-orange glow

jack daniel’s hangover

nerve ends exploding

empty computer screen taunting

daring me create

graybeard poet

suffering diminishing expectations

paralyzing terror

bard loft silence

saturated stink of sex

young girl asleep on sofa

remembering last night’s boozy purr

"poet you rock"

"you so totally rule"

now smeared cosmetic mask

clothes jumbled mess

cannabis leaf t-shirt

lace bikini panties

worn wrinkled levis

once a beautiful child

old poet’s dream quest

careless with his imagination


check on blood tests

marriage license requirements

minister’s chapel hours

search yellow pages

twenty-four hour "crisis" number

open fresh cold-un

pop a couple of lexapro tabs

wait for police

ANGEL HEAD from Blue Fred Press  Publisher/ editor Bruce Hodder   All copyright remains with the authors.