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Gerald Nicosia


The Gift of Greatness

for Peter



I see you goofing

round the bases

knowing with only three-quarter

speed you can

outrun half the kids

on your team

and saving the jet propulsion

in your thighs

for when you’re matched

against arch-opponent Jason

the only player

with the slightest chance

to beat you

I’ve seen it in your eyes

the dream of the Bambino

the cocksure glint of the Kid

just as I’ve seen

the Josh Gibson anger

that under your black skin

they won’t ever give

fair credit to

your warrior’s heart

and that your champion’s body

might run years

for nothing

but the love of it and

love of winning

but you can never win enough

for this world

that’s constantly intent

on overtaking you and

I’ve seen you run


breaking even your own past record

and awing everyone

with the intensity we’ll

pay anything to see

once in a lifetime

in an athlete

when you ran those bases

like the devil himself

was on your tail

and the only reason

anyone can run like that

or play like that

or break every single record

ever laid down

is because they know

because they’ve been gifted

to know even

at 8 years old

he really is.



-- Gerald Nicosia 5/26/06

ANGEL HEAD * from Blue Fred Press *  copyright remains with the authors