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Sharon Auberle

Sharon Auberle is a poet and visual artist. You can read more of her work at "Mimi's Golightly Cafe" on the web. Go to .


"There are days we live as if death were

nowhere in the background, from joy to joy

to joy, from wing to wing, from blossom to

blossom to impossible blossom, to sweet,

impossible blossom." - Li-Young Lee


Forgive me for doing

yet another spring poem,

though, for good writing,

they say, write what you fear.

Don't get me started on that,

on death--no breath,

the fight for a good day,

as my mother said--was a day

when she didn't know

she was breathing, jesus god,

or cancer--two friends

gone too young, missing breasts

and inside parts, and why

should I write that these days

when the air is so damn soft

that I become the lover I was

at sixteen, fear-less,

when every passion,

every possibility,

every love stretched before me,

life, like springtime,

electric--turned on.

These are the days

again. Forgive me

for loving too fiercely.


Changing Woman is a Navajo deity

She carries herself like a gift

this season--tall and erect.

In the new, moist heat of summer

her hair has turned electric,

curly, a silver halo surrounding

her face in the mirror and she feels holy,

though she thinks often of bees and honey,

the rich smell of damp leaves and earth,

the fierce mating of hawks, how they plunge

and spin out of control.

She wonders if she is alone too much,

for it's hard to look in people's eyes.

She sees nakedness there, reflecting her own

and is glad, then, to return home

to the path she walks in early evening

where light haloes trees and flowers,

and the air is sweet like honey.

She is happy to be alone again

and carries herself like a gift,

feeling holiness everywhere.

ANGEL HEAD from Blue Fred Press pub./ed. Bruce Hodder  Copyright remains with the authors