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Ronald Baatz


I don't know why i want to live to be an old man,

but i find that i do. It seems odd to me, when i

really think about it. There isn't much that

i want to accomplish. No major goals have made

themselves known to me. I can't see my lazy self

solving any of the serious problems facing this race

of humans i've somehow become part of.

That sounds condescending, and i am sorry.

I want to love another woman, create more of

these poems, and like some other poets i know

drink many more glasses of wine.

At the end of it all, dying a gracious death

might prove to be a worthwhile act.

And just once i would like to be able to

charm the birds out of the trees.

I've heard it said that certain people can do this,

and these people are spoken of with very

noticeable envy. It'd be nice to convince

a good number of birds to come down

and land on my shoulders. If i were an

old man i would be thin and light

and these birds could pick me up and

carry me away. They would also be kind

enough to pick my wife up also.

We would float comfortably about in

the air like people in a painting

by Chagall. This would be something

to live to be an old man for.

I have no desire to accumulate

wealth; fame is completely out

of the question.

Just to be held aloft

by the birds would be plenty.

Birds only do this

for the old

and the fragile.

ANGEL HEAD welcomes submissions from all poets regardless of literary orientation or technical predilection--in other words, if you can rhyme with surprise and/ or humour, feel free to submit. And don't think you have to mention Ginsberg or Kerouac in every other poem. I like the Beats, but I don't want to hear about them all the time any more than you do.
Please send up to three poems in the body of an email, or as an attachment if you have agreed it with me in advance, to .I don't like passing on other poets' writing but if I do please don't ask me to enter into a discussion with you about it. It'll just be a question of personal taste.

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