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An old man appeared
from far in the North,
and gave to me a whisper
wrapped in cloth.
Charged with its care,
I placed it in a box
of solid oak,
with three rusted locks.
Forgot I had it, almost,
until yesterday,
when sick, perplexed, I wondered
what the voice would say.
I opened up the box
and, as in a dream,
the cloth had turned to blood
and the whisper, screams.

clapping gloved hands together
a child tries to catch
the falling snow
bus station
shouting from the stairwells
far away through all
this night emptiness
the din of silence
when the traffic passes~
glancing upwards
at a wheeling bird
extremely cold~
four layers can't
protect the freezing poet
haiku for frank o'hara
a five-spot
is also
a rare ladybird
beauty in long boots
strides into the office~
my focus departs
Fanatic or neurotic,
both egotists.
Our worst mistake,
thinking we exist.

As well as being the publisher and editor of Blue Fred Press, Bruce Hodder is a poet and the author of the internet journal SUFFOLK PUNCH, which can be found at: .He has been published in a handful of print and electronic publications in Britain and the United States. Previously he wrote criticism for the celebrated underground poetry magazine OUTLAW.

Improvement makes straight roads, but crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius ~ William Blake.