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t.kilgore splake


on the road darkness
lonesome hours passing
driven by mad desires
awash black guiness bitters
super high buzz
stiff foamy beard
holy outlaw poet
moving beyond
well-rounded schoolboy
dickhead first class
reenacting others lives
chasing after silence
listening for voices
seeking faces
emery margaret
paula barbara olga
dreamy nightmare quiet

winter day into darkness
earlier CLIFFS ravens
raucous insouciant
piercing arctic clarity
lone wolf
zig-zagging prints
light powdery dusting
driven by hunger
warm mate hot rut
cattails snowy cones
distant muted church chimes
shadowy dusk falling
shrouding fifth street "le metrops"
five o'clock home bound
headlights eerie glow
bardic graybeard
soft amazing grace
light blue-ribbon buzz
keen alky perspective
backwater poet
living on the cheap
karma properly aligned
free to sit
play buddha

t.kilgore splake is the author of many books of poetry, prose and photography. Most of his recent publications have appeared under his own Vertin Press imprint, though he has also had a long and fruitful association with Jim Chandler and Thunder Sandwich. splake runs the Vertin Press with sculptor Jikiwe. Their website is located at . splake (the lower case is always used), also has two dvds to his name, with a third expected in 2006.

Improvement makes straight roads, but crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius ~ William Blake.